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Student City Guide - Tarragona


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While everyone goes crazy about Barcelona, there is another town in Catalonia definitely worth visiting – Tarragona.

TarragonaLocated by the sea, just over an hour away from Barcelona, it is a chilled place full of history, mystery and unique architecture. It is the kind of a town you would like to have your summer house in.

Tarragona has one of the best conserved and most beautiful remains of Roman architecture in Spain and the ruins have been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Apart from the exquisite ‘rubble’, there’s also a gorgeous mixed-style cathedral.

Why choose between Romanesque and Gothic if you can have both? The combination is stunning and fits right in the cobblestone streets and colourful buildings of the town. The entire place is so laid-back you forget all the big city buzz, which makes is the perfect weekend getaway.

Another huge advantage of Tarragona is the beach, somehow healthier-looking than the ones you would get in Barcelona. Miles and miles of creamy sand and clear blue water, there seems to be nothing more relaxing.

Right before entering Tarragona, it is worthwhile to deviate from the course a little to see El Puente del Diablo – The Devil’s Bridge. It’s an ancient aqueduct built in the first century to provide young Tarragona with water. Rumour has it after it was built some natural disaster (potentially an earthquake) raised it to the ground. Then the devil visited the architect of the aqueduct and offered he would rebuild the construction in one day and one night in exchange for the first soul that would drink the water coming through. The deal was made. The aqueduct was reconstructed and the first soul to drink the water belonged to… a donkey. Cheeky, huh?

Although it might not be the perfect place to live, especially if you actually do love the buzzy big city life, it is definitely one of the prettiest and most relaxing places in Spain.

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