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Camping with freedom and comfort


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Camping is not for everyone, especially in the UK. The weather is a gamble, and camping is uncomfortable enough without it being cold and wet as well.

CampervanThe only way it is bearable is if you have bought some mansion-style super-tent.

But camping is also awesome – it’s cheap, it gives you freedom to move around, staying in different places (especially if you have a car) and it gives you the chance to really experience some amazing rural places.

Staying in a campervan solves the problems whilst giving you the benefits of ‘camping’. 

Renting a camper offers an affordable option to head off for the freedom of the road with everything in tow.

We opted for a ‘budget’ camper (a blue number going by the name of Grant) from the guys at London Campers for our trek to Festival No 6 in Snowdonia.

Their van came equipped with all we needed for our trip: sat nav, stove, electrical cables, an electric cool box, camping chairs and a table meaning we had to take very little with us to be comfortable.

After the initial shock of it being a ‘left-hand’ drive vehicle, we were away. Although the journey was a little slower than by car, these things take a while to get going, there were moments that made the value of the camper clear.

The slower pace of the drive allows you to take in the surrounds, which as we came through Snowdon was a fact that we were thankful for.

Being able to stop wherever we liked, slide open the doors and have a cuppa made the long journey a much more comfortable experience.

Obviously, hiring a campervan is more of a burden on your wallet that having a tent, but from our stay in our wheeled accommodation it doesn’t come without its benefits.

So what makes the stay better than having a tent?

  • Space to sit. This doesn’t sound like much, but being able to sit comfortably whilst having a drink inside when the rain hits is a definite plus.
  • CampervanPower. You have electricity so you can charge your phone, dry your hair and have a lamp on at night.
  • A good night’s sleep.  The van turns from having a seating area to having a sleeping area in minutes and the bed is comfortable (well more comfortable than being on the floor of a tent). Throw in the fact it is warm and dry inside and you have a winner.
  • Space to cook. Cooking outside a tent can be a pain. With a campervan you can take loads of stuff with you, cook outside and then eat at a table inside – whatever the weather you can pull off a decent meal.
  • Easy pack-up. No rolling up your wet tent. Just bunging everything in the pack, starting the engine and your away.
These are all massive positive points, and led to Festival No 6 being genuinely one of the most enjoyable festival experience ever – it’s amazing what a bit of sleep and comfort can do.

The only down-side if that you will need an over 25 to do the driving.

So for your next trip why not consider investing in the freedom and relative comfort of a campervan?

Weekend bookings with London Campers start from £215 for one of their two berth budget campers.

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