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#InternInIndia: A long day at the office...


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Lancaster graduate Yasmin Jaunbocus is interning at The Times of India and New Indian Express in Bangalore, in the south of the country. Here she shares her adventures with TNS...

The first two weeks of working at The New Indian Express for Indulge Magazine have been amazing.  It has been nice to settle into the office,  get to know the girls and other interns and actually be treated as a fully qualified member of the team as opposed to just an intern.

In a whirlwind of reviewing great places to eat, putting together luxury 'It Lists' for items of clothing I could only dream of affording and setting up interview times with the Israeli consul, I don't mind the long hours and hard graft because the job is so much fun.  Working here has only cemented my ambition to work abroad and in the creative industry.

Tuesday's to do list for me and other intern, Paige, was to review a new 'Sporting Mall', opened by a entrepreneur Sharath Reddy .

The centre, which had newly opened just that week, had everything: shooting, laser tag, bowling, a beach, archery - plus 30 more activities all within four acres. My job was to try everything out. For free. FOR WORK! I discovered that my quad biking skills left a lot to be desired, but apparently that I am a natural archer.

Following that we enjoyed some good food and drink and conversation with Sharath. It was interesting to ask him not only how and why he came up with the idea of the sporting centre, but why he chose to open it in Bangalore of all places. Though he studied in America, he told us he chose to open it in Bangalore because it was a city of infinite possibility. Bangalore is a bustling metropolis and somewhere like this will have a bright future. People in India are looking for a good time and he is definitely providing it at this centre, which caters for anyone from the age of eight months to 80 years.

It was interesting to listen to  a native Indian's perspective on India, as opposed to my conversation with Scottish Journalist Mark Austin.  Sharath told us people have a preconceived idea of India - but that it's not always what we think.

He compared India to Europe, saying: "Thinking one thing about India is like generalising the entirety of Europe. India is like the whole world in one place; no two places are the same! Everywhere you go, the language, cuisine and culture changes. Nobody would say England and Italy are the same, and all India shouldn't be either."

After a five day tour of the north of India, this couldn't ring more true.

Keep an eye out for some posts about my travels. 

Namaste for now!

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