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New app translates 'beer' into 59 languages

21st June 2013

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An unfortunate issue that many Britons might face this holiday season is wanting a drink but being unable to communicate it due to language barriers.

That can now change, as we are in the presence of a breakthrough in British history. The world's first beer translator app allows you to order a beer in 59 languages!

App makers claim that the word ‘Beer’ is the most useful foreign word after hello, which is probably true.

This unique app translates the phrase “one beer please” into 59 languages, and amazingly even features videos showing correct pronunciation for the words. The popular European languages featured are languages such as French, Spanish and Italian, as well as other languages like Hindi, Indonesian and Japanese.

To the travellers out there who enjoy having a drink on holiday, this app was clearly made for you. Even languages such as Yiddish, Tagalong and Twi and Zulu are available, should you find yourself somewhere more exotic than the Costa Del Sol.

Tourists Justin Amey and Ollie Hepworth from Bournemouth were the genius minds behind this App- Pivo, after a night out to a bar in Prague proved difficult when ordering drinks. Pivo (the Czech word for beer) is now available to download from the App Store for only 69p.

Justin said: "It started off as just a bit of fun but it got to number two in the travel app downloads on the App Store. Ollie and I are planning a trip to Dublin for his 30th birthday so our app will come in useful!' 

We thank you, Justin and Ollie.

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