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London attraction reaches new heights

16th January 2013

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For quite a while those who work in the London Bridge area, like myself, have looked skyward as a surreal and bizarre new structure has made its way on to the London skyline – like a palace from an 80s fantasy film (like Krull). In reality this pointy wonder, standing at 309.6 metres, is western Europe’s tallest building made up of offices, restaurants, a high-class hotel and exclusive residences.

The ShardWith such a stunning view of the capital its creators were keen to allow the general public to enjoy the view. That’s where new tourist attraction The View From The Shard comes in.

It’s quite simple: The View From The Shard allows us to enjoy the view from the top of The Shard. Doesn’t sound like much, does it?

But that ‘view’ is nothing short of spectacular, with the capital sprawling out like a model village with all the major sites available and put in a new mind-blowing perspective. At 244 metres it offers a 40 mile view on a good day.

The price of £24.95 might seem a little steep for just a view, but lengths have been taken to offer more value for your buck.

On entering the ground floor you are greeted by grand juxtapositions: Will and Kate as a Pearly King and Queen, Kate Moss marrying Henry VIII with Maggie Thatcher and Karl Marx riding a tandem bike. Some thought has gone into this playful meshing of the history and people that form the fabric of London.

The journey up is also an experience. In lifts that travel at six floors per second, visitors are hurled upwards crashing through the famous ceilings of London landmarks. On the viewing platforms new technology the ‘Tell:scopes’ augment the classic telescope to digitally indentify places of interest in your sight line and give information on them, adding an extra dimension to your view of London.

For tourists The View From The Shard should become one of the capital’s main attractions, and for Londoners it is worth a one-off visit to get a new perspective on the city they know and love.

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