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The Amazing Floating Island!

28th June 2012

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You don't have to wait 100 years into the future when there will be flying cars and robots to have your very own floating island, which can move to wherever you desire.

Floating IslandYes, an actual island that works like a boat by being moved from one place to another is actually being made as we speak!

Austrian company, ORSOS Islands are busy creating the prototype and according to online technology and science magazine Gizmag, the island should be open to the public in just over a year!

The idea behind the project is to create a luxury floating island that can be re-positioned according to its occupants’ wishes.

Don't get too excited though and begin to plan your wedding on the island, as it's only 20-metres wide (66-ft) and 37 metres long (121-ft), with room for up to 12 residents. Maybe not wedding material but perfect for a honey moon we think.

ORSOS Islands website describes the floating island as “more comfortable than just about any luxury yacht.”

The facilities on the island would include a Jacuzzi, a large sun deck and accommodation for up to four staff members.

ORSOS Islands claims a “high level of environmental friendliness”, citing a wind energy system, extensive solar panels and plans to use the coolness of surrounding sea waters for air-conditioning.

The company suggests their island will be positioned as a a more affordable option to owning or chartering a luxury yacht.

The founder of the imaginative island is Gábor Orsós, an entrepreneur with a background in hospitality and real estate, and soon to be the first person in history to have their own piece of movable land.

It is believed the cost of your own floating island will start from around 3.6 million Euros (£2.91m) for the most basic model.

Are you ready to leave your stable house behind for a futuristic floating island that can be moved to any destination in mind?

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