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Living it Up in Alanya, Turkey

11th September 2011

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Alanya seems to be solely build for the purpose of tourism: walking around its streets it seems every other building is a hotel. It is a popular destination both for families and groups of friends. Most tourists in the area are Scandinavian, but some are also British or Dutch.

Alanya TurkeyTurkish weather is quite hot - about 35 degrees in September - so make sure to use sunscreen and keep yourself hydrated (four litres of water a day is recommended), and be prepared to spend the middle of the day either tanning, in the ocean, in the pool or in your room, as it can be almost unbearable to move around in the sun between 11am and 3pm

When going to Alanya it is a good idea to book flight and hotel in a package, as most of these packages include the two hour drive from Antalya airport to Alanya. Even though it is nice to stay close to the city centre or beach, taxis are quite cheap and very easy to find in Turkey, so do not despair if you find a perfect hotel out of walking distance from the city centre. A 10 minute drive will cost you approximately 10 lira (about £3.50) and the standard taxi in Alanya can hold six people, so local transport is cheap, if you travel as a group.

There are many shops, bars and restaurants to choose from and any Turkish businessman worth his salt know a few chosen phrases in a variety of Western European languages. Shopkeepers will try to lure you into their shops, but the important thing is that if you want something you got to hackle. If you are a good hackle you can easily cut the price by 50% or more. If you want to go to a nice restaurant in Alanya, you should go to The Red Tower by the marina, which not only has an outside terrace with a fantastic view of the ocean, but also its own brewery. The Ev Restaurant is a nice place to go for a snack, cheap drinks and good live music.

The great thing about bars in Turkey is that it is part of the bartenders and waiters' jobs to give you a good time: they will joke with you, dance with you and make sure you sing along to the music at the top of your voice. Queen's Garden in the city centre is situated in a large square and the bartenders will at several points during the night do a group dance on the table tops, while the Casablanca/Lambarda Cocktail Bar has many nice cocktails, cheap waterpipes and a generally nice atmosphere. If you are into clubbing the Robin Hood club is the place to go, as it has several floors each featuring a different genre of music.

The most important thing to remember about going to Alanya, is of course to watch out for yourself and for any potential pick pockets, but also make sure to get some sun, some drinks and enjoy the party!

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