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These are most Insta-worthy moments to capture in Cyprus


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Cyprus is a destination with mesmerising cultural and natural sights: a photographer’s paradise. Its quaint mountainside villages and mystical waters are undeniably photogenic, stage to moments that are sure to transform anyone’s Instagram profile.

In a list of the most hash-tagged destinations, the Mediterranean isle recently ranked third place, with more than 249,000 mentions from Instagram users in only the first quarter of 2018.

As the third largest island in the Mediterranean, drawing more than two million visitors annually, Cyprus draws in people from all tastes and lifestyles. Nature-lovers, wine enthusiasts, and even bird-watchers are enticed to snap photographs of Cyprus’ natural mountainous paradises and extensive coastline.

To celebrate its Instagram popularity, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation has compiled a list of the top locations in Cyprus to share on Instagram

Spectacular mountains

The Troodos Mountains, the largest mountain range in Cyprus, gives visitors the opportunity to gaze over the natural beauty of the countryside. If they decide to make the climb to the peak, they can witness extensive green peaks and, in the distance, the Byzantine monasteries in all their glory. Not only is there natural art but the many villages dotted across the range all have individual characteristics, offering new experiences in each town.

Mythical wonders

Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, is rumoured to have been born at Paphos’ majestic cluster of rocks. Aphrodite's Rock, skimming the shallow waters of Paphos, is a popular place for photography, astounding onlookers with its sheer size and giving an opportunity to gaze over the sea rising and breaking, dependent upon weather conditions.

Magical sunsets

It is rare for moments to take a person's breath away but Akamas Peninsula has the power to do so at any given time. With rare and diverse flora and fauna and stunning coastlines and rolling hills, it is no surprise why. Akamas Peninsula could be mistaken for heaven during its tranquil sunsets, an unmissable moment in your visit to Cyprus.

Remarkable cuisine

It is not merely the taste of the food, although that is very much important, but the sight of Cyrpus’ cuisine that is astonishing in itself. Traditions are a source of pride for Cyprus: from well-crafted bread and meze platters to freshly-prepared halloumi and mouth-watering moussaka, food in Cyprus is an art in itself.

Hidden gems

What makes Cyprus memorable are the hidden gems waiting to be discovered by both locals and tourists from around the world. Granted, there are beachside resorts that bring great popularity - but visitors must not forget the concealed charms that Cyprus holds dear. This includes but is not limited to the hillside villages which each have their own charm: Omodos, Tochni, and Lefkara. All highly idyllic, each village has quirks which makes it remarkable. The stone houses, historical architecture, and narrow cobbled streets are well worth a share on Instagram.

There is no doubt, in an age of technology and social media, that it is of paramount importance to live in the moment. However, there is something wonderful about sharing life-long memories with people who will share an appreciation for the world around us.

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