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Top Destinations for 2017: Namibia

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So if you’re ready for a trip that offers the perfect mix of freedom and unforgettable experiences, book your flights to Namibia today.

Where to go

Kick start your trip with a visit to Namibia’s capital city Windhoek. It is a very modern city, blending modern Western trends with its traditional African culture. It is a great place for a bit of respite after a long flight; offering an array of tasty cuisines, cultural sights and shopping opportunities.

To the West of Windhoek lies the coastal city of Swakopmund. This city is the perfect beach holiday destination, and is filled with beautiful German colonial architecture masking a public library, museums, aquariums, and galleries. Head just outside of the city along the Swakop River for beautiful rolling sand dunes.

To the north of Swakopmund is the famous Damaraland. A rugged and untamed piece of Namibia, it is home to thousands of species of birds, animals and plant life and offers tourists the opportunity to see famous geographical landmarks.

Arguably Namibia’s best-known tourist attraction is the conservation area Sossusvlei, which is characterised by its huge red sand dunes that surround a white salt and clay pan. The planes have sand dunes stretching up to almost 400 metres, making it a photographer’s paradise.

And finally, a great place to visit (and one you definitely cannot miss) is the 360,000 square mile wide Kalahari Desert. This vast expanse stretches across Namibia, Botswana and South Africa and is famous for its rolling sand dunes, and beautiful collection of flora and fauna.

What to do

Go on safari

Namibia is arguably the best place in Africa to do a safari. It offers a huge display of wild and plant life, which is mostly accessible by 4x4 or buggy. This makes it the ideal destination to catch a glance of some of the rarest animals on the planet including cheetahs, hyenas, elephants, and many more.

Tours and safaris can be organised by operators in Namibia or at home before you fly and give you options ranging from camel safaris, to self-drive safaris, to flying safaris.

And the best thing about a safari in the desert? There’s no phone signal, so you can switch off completely and enjoy the ride.

Ride the sand dunes

Such a huge part of Namibia is covered by glorious red sand dunes, so if you’re looking for an adventure why not try racing across them? The Namib and Kalahari Deserts are the perfect spots to quad bike and sandboard, giving tourists the chance to take in more of the glorious landscapes than possible by foot.

Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are the two main cultural recreational hubs in Namibia, and the best places to try out sandboarding. This is a definite on the to-do list for snowboarders and surfers, and even inexperienced boarders too.

See Namibia from above

While visiting Sossusvlei, make sure to check out the ballooning launch pad where you can take a trip high into the sky to see the wonders of the Namibian landscape from above. This is the perfect activity for both professional and amateur photographers.

If you’re feeling brave, there is also the opportunity to go paragliding or even do a skydive!

Get inspired by architecture

The buildings in Swakopmund are among the most fascinating and beautiful in the world. Its rich architectural history has been well preserved since the German colonial occupation from the late 1880s through until the early 1900s, making it a hot spot for Namibian tourism.

Enter inside these buildings to find the National Marine Aquarium, the Swakopmund Museum and even take a tour around the historical Swakopmund Lighthouse.

Take a dip in the hot springs

If you’re a fan of hiking, why not take a walk through Africa’s largest natural gorge, which is the home of one of the most gorgeous hot springs on earth? The /Ai-/Ais hot spring is one of the many hidden treasures found in the Fish River Canyon, along with the secret Apollo 11 Cave, which is said to hold animal images dating back 25,000 years!

This is the perfect activity for those who love walking and soaking up their natural surroundings, and for those who just want to kick off their boots and melt into the steamy, cleansing waters.

Eat like kings

The Namibian cuisine is interesting and varied depending on which city you travel to. Some particular specialities worth tasting are the Swakopmund green asparagus, the Luderitz oysters and Kalahari truffles.

If you decide to take a tour or safari, no doubt you’ll encounter traditional dishes like braaivleis (meat barbeque) and potjiekos, which is a sumptuous spicy stew containing meats and fish cooked over an open fire. Both of these dishes are cooked outdoors and to be enjoyed with large groups of people.

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