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Top Destinations for 2017: South Australia

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From relaxing on those well known-picturesque Aussie beaches, to sipping wine at traditional vineyards, South Australia is the perfect mixture of sunshine and artistic culture.

Although it’s known as being more relaxed than the busy party scene of the east coast, South Australia is full of adventures and experiences for those seeking the finer things in life - from good food to stunning history.

Think relaxed nights in the city with a delicious platter of seafood, then days in the beautiful countryside, touring vineyards and wine tasting. If you’re thinking of trying the Aussie lifestyle but don’t know where to start, The National Student have got you covered with just a few of the fun things you can get up to in the south this year.

Where to go

The major go-to has to be the amazing southern capital, Adelaide. The popular tourist spot is great if you want a bit of everything. Sun, sea and culture is to be expected in this busy city, the perfect combination of that vibrant Aussie beach vibe and historical, arty culture.

Wine lovers are sure to have heard of Barossa Valley. Located 60 miles north of the capital, the scenic valley is known as a major wine-producing region and is soaked in historical culture. Make sure to visit the beautiful township of Tanunda, which is known as the cosmopolitan heart of the Barossa and is full of cafes, bakeries and restaurants.

For those looking to venture further away from the capital, head to the beautiful coastline of Eyre Peninsula. Known as the seafood frontier due to it’s amazing aquaculture produce, those seeking a trip full of food and adventure are sure to love what it has to offer. Indulge in the delicious seafood whilst looking over the Australian coastline, before getting an adrenaline rush by cage diving amongst great white sharks or snorkeling on the shore.

What to do

Taste the Barossa

South Australia is known as the country’s food and wine capital, so how could you go without a vineyard wine tasting tour? These are available in most places in South Australia, but one of the most popular is the Taste the Barossa tour. The day trip includes touring around the valley with a group of 20, visiting a total of four vineyards whilst enjoying delicious food and, of course, wine. The trip even includes a visit to the world’s oldest Shiraz vineyard, where you’ll enjoy their famous Barossa wines.

Even if wine isn’t your thing, Barossa still holds a wealth of other events throughout the rest of the year, including vintage festivals and a Gourmet weekend, making it great for those wanting to explore the world with their tastebuds.

Celebrate the arts in Adelaide

The city of Adelaide is the perfect place for those who want a trip full of fun. The annual Adelaide Fringe Festival is packed full of comedy, amazing food and music.This arts-based festival is the second largest in the entire world, lasting over 24 days during the February and March period, kicking off with various free parades and parties to celebrate the opening night.

Sample the foodie delights of Adelaide

Adelaide plays host to the Nutella-Palooza event in April, celebrating all things Nutella for those who love chocolate and want a selection of tasty treats along with fun Nutella-themed stalls. 

July’s key event has to be the Adelaide Beer and BBQ Festival. Spanning over three days in the main Adelaide showground, it includes great food, live music and entertainment alongside the best of Australian and international beer. Events include a lively Rock n Roll night with live bands and a beer geek session for those wanting to learn more about their ale.

Get punk'd

This year’s Adelaide Film Festival is going punk during October, when it uses the theme ‘Vive Le Punk!’ and celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the famous movement. The biennial festival is an 11-day celebration of both international and home cinema, known for its high standard of film and interactive projects, even from the small, budding artists.

Attend the 2017 Fashion Festival

Another unmissable Adelaide event is the 2017 Fashion Festival. Also occurring in the month of October, it’s five amazing days of ten designer runways and 20 other events. Presented by Mercedes-Benz Adelaide, it promises the best of South Australian fashion. The festival, held annually, showcases both established and up-and-coming Adelaide designers and gives you the opportunity to see runway shows and get this year’s top products from the designer markets.

Get an adrenaline rush at Eyre Peninsula

If sea life and underwater adventures are your thing, that aforementioned trip to Eyre Peninsula is definitely required. If you’re one for something a bit more heart-racing, what could be more exciting than cage diving with great white sharks off of Port Lincoln? This is sure to be a trip where you’ll tick off the great majority of your bucket list.

Eat real seafood at Oysterfest

If getting up close and personal with sharks is a bit too much for you, Port Lincoln has more to offer.

Instead of diving with the sharks, you can choose to enjoy the more adorable side of sea life by swimming with friendly sea lions or dolphins - but Eyre Peninsula also hosts a variety of unique markets and events, including September’s Ceduna Oysterfest. Expect a show of colourful and delectable seafood, as well as a wonderfully fun parade and gala dinner.

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