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Which of our Top Destinations for 2016 has just been named the best country in the WORLD?

13th April 2016

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It’s a student favourite and a staple for both the laidback backpacker and the adventure junkie – but which country have the Telegraph’s readers named their favourite in the world?

You might have guessed it (especially if you’ve read the list during the last four years – it’s certainly not the first time it’s taken the top spot), but if not we’ll give you a few very obvious clues.

Hobbits. Geysers. Very large mountains. Maybe some elves. Snow. Skydiving.

Yes, you’ve got it.

Obviously, because we know travel too, New Zealand is the only destination to have made it on to The National Student’s Top Destinations bucket list in both 2015 and this year.

We (and obviously the Telegraph) feel very justified in selecting this outdoorsy beauty as one of our very favourites.

I mean, look at it.


And at this part of it. 

This part of it is a bit moody.

But still - most of it is just idyllic.

New Zealand's bungey-jumpers are the happiest bungey-jumpers in the world.

It's quite pretty at night, too. 

Also, we’re sending last year’s Student Travel Writer competition winner Shona there soon to feast on all this beauty. So that’s exciting. (Watch this space for details of this year’s competition launching very, very soon.)

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