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Visit the real Westeros on a trip to a Game of Thrones filming destination

13th April 2015
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It’s almost upon us. So, as we prepare for series five of Game of Thrones to hit our screens tonight, let’s cast our attentions towards Croatia, Ireland, Iceland and Spain - where the cult series has been shot.

Visiting a film set is always an exciting experience, particularly when the set is in one of the world’s most fascinating destinations. Here, we’ve selected a few trips for those seeking to follow in the footsteps of Daenerys, Cersei et al.

Croatia, Ireland and Iceland are all included amongst our Top travel Destinations for 2015, because of their beautiful scenery and top offerings as exciting holiday destinations. From Dubrovnik’s imposing fortress (you might recognise it as King’s Landing in series two, three and four) upwards along the coast, Croatia is a must visit destination in Europe – it is home to cocktail bars built into city walls, ancient palaces filled with markets and secret, secluded beaches. Total bookings increased by 225% from 2014 to 2015, and the major cities are only a two-hour flight from the UK.

Ireland and Northern Ireland, of course, include the exciting cities of Dublin and Belfast, as well as wonders such as Giant’s Causeway, which will be seen action in series five. If you’re in the right part of the UK the country can even be reached by ferry, but if you’re not close to the west coast a plane can transport you there in around an hour.

Iceland, just a three-hour hop from the northern coast of Scotland, has long been known as the Land of Ice and Fire, due to the geysers and volcanos that bubble alongside its glaciers and ice-flats. A Song of Ice and Fire, of course, is the George RR Martin novel that Thrones is based upon, suggesting that this is the land from which he drew his inspiration. The Northern Lights, which can be seen during series four of Thrones, is one of the main draws for tourists in Iceland.

You can read our Croatia guide here – look out for the Ireland and Iceland guides soon.

In the meantime, here are some of the must-do trips for fans of all things Thrones…


With its historic walls, dramatic coastlines and honeyed towns it is little wonder that this Mediterranean jewel was selected as a filming location for Game of Thrones. Look closely when you’re re-watching the four existing series – you’ll spot the imposing walls of Dubrovnik standing in as King’s Landing from series two onwards.

Other filming locations include the Arboretum Trstenonear the old city of Dubrovnik (series three) and Lokrum Island, which stood in for the city of Quarthas well as for various other outdoor locations.

How to see it? Contiki’s Croatian Island Escapade, from £649 per person.

Ireland/Northern Ireland

Portions of the hotly anticipated fifth season of Game of Thrones were shot in Northern Ireland, including the sandy shores of the Causeway Coast and County Londonderry.

You can explore the dramatic Irish landscape by travelling through the country, along the coast and into the thriving cities of the Emerald Isle, where the imagination can truly run wild.

How to see it? Contiki’s eight-day Ireland itinerary, from £775 per person.


The Land of Ice and Fire is instantly recognisable as Game of Thrones’ frozen north – look out for the Northern Lights across the ice flats, as well as the locations in the Land beyond the Wall, the Wall itself, and that cave where Jon Snow and Ygritte had their first... encounter.

The cast filmed in Iceland’s national parks (Thingvellir and Hvalfjordur) in 2013 and 2014 - if you’re lucky whilst you’re visiting you might be able to grab a spot on a tour with one of the locals that served as guide to Kit Harington and co-stars whilst they were filming here.

How to see it? You can fly to Iceland with WOW air from just £49 one way.


In series five of Game of Thrones, the fictional city of Sunspear will contain as one of its central locations the 13th century Alcazar fortress in the Spanish city of Seville. Visit this historical palace to get a real world taste of the fantastical Westeros, with its magnificent gardens and courtyard pool.

How to see it? Contiki’s Spanish Spree trip, from £1,415 per person.

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