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How to save hundreds on your next smartphone


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In recent study a price comparison site Idealo looked at the ten most popular phones in the UK, to see which depreciate the quickest in value after six months. If you have your eye on a particular new phone, this could save you hundreds of pounds.

Upgrading your phone can be expensive if you want to stay on the bleeding edge of new technology - take the iPhone XS, for example, which cost £999 when released and wasn't even the most expensive model.

Image Credit: George Simister

The study found that if you wait until three months after a phone is released you can save £118 on average and that smartphones will drop a quarter (20%) in price. If you can grin and bear another three months you can see savings of £176, with the phone's total reducing by 28% on average.

The worst contender was the Samsung Galaxy J6 which depreciated the most, originally costing £250 and after six moths depreciating by 46% to £135. The next worst was the Google Pixel 3, which when launched cost £839 and depreciated by 42% resulting in a cost of £489 six months later - that's £350 of savings.

Some phones, on the other hand, can be seen as a good investment if you are looking to resell later on. With the iPhone XR and Xiamoi Mi A2 only dropping 6% of their value in three months. The Xiamoi Mi A2 and the Motorola Moto G6 after six months only dropped by 14%. You can see the rest of the findings below.

Courtesy of Idealo

Will this mean that you will hold off a bit longer on future smartphone purchases, or continue to buy them as soon as possible?

Lead image credit: George Simister

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