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Here's how to use the power of your computer to get free games


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The idea of getting games for your computer for free sounds too good to be true. Over the past few weeks, I have been testing out a program for your computer which does just that.

FreeLoadr uses your computer’s GPU or graphics processing unit which is responsible for displaying any display output from your computer. The more powerful the GPU the quicker you can earn points. At the time of writing FreeLoadr’s only requirement is that you need an Nvidia GPU, hopefully, they will expand this functionality to AMD GPUs in the future.

Screenshot Courtesy of FreeLoadr

By running FreeLoadr’s software which you can download from their website here, you can earn ‘FreeLoadr Points’ which can then be spent in the FreeLoadr store on video games of your choice. The store currently has over 2,500 games from both Steam and Origin which you can use spend your FreeLoadr points on with big titles such as Battlefield 1.

Screenshot Courtesy of FreeLoadr

So how can FreeLoadr give out free games by just running their program? When you run FreeLoadr on your computer, what your computer is doing in the background is mining cryptocurrency. Instead of having to deal with everything associated with cryptocurrencies, you are paid in return in the aforementioned FreeLoadr points to be spent on games. 

FreeLoadr is from the company Online Blockchain who are the UK’s leading company in Blockchain. If you are unfamiliar with what Blockchain is, the video below will explain.

“We want to take the power of the blockchain to add value and make it possible for anyone, anywhere to get the computer game they want using the latent power of their PC. We have made this possible for anyone with the current generation of gaming computer to do just that without needing to be a blockchain or programming expert,” said Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain. “Just press go, let the software run and get a game of your choice. It really is that easy.”

FreeeLoadr has a standard and high-performance mode. To get the most out of the system you are best putting it in High-performance mode when you are not using your computer.

Screenshot Courtesy of FreeLoadr

Redeeming a game is a very simple process, you save up the number of points required for what you would like and go on to the FreeLoadr store to redeem them. Then in the orders tab, you can view your purchased games and view the codes to activate them. 

After leaving my desktop computer for a couple of weeks running continuously, as I use my laptop most of the time, I had amassed 1,266,273 FreeLoadr points and I spent some of them on a DLC pack for the game Cities: Skylines. In minutes from purchasing the pack, I was sat playing it.

Screenshot Courtesy of FreeLoadr

FreeLoadr is currently in open beta and can be downloaded from the website.

Lead image credit: Juan Gomez on Unsplash

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