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Chinese Telecom ZTE launches its first cybersecurity lab


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ZTE Corporation, a major telecoms manufacturer, has launched its first cybersecurity lab in Nanjing, China to boost security in the ICT industry.

ZTE has also opened a cybersecurity lab in Rome, Italy, and has plans to open another facility in Belgium. The company said that the opening of a new lab represents an important milestone as it looks to increase transparency and enhance trust with third parties.

Image Credit: @nahelabdlhadi via Unsplash


The move comes in the midst of national security concerns which have plagued ZTE and its competitor, Huawei. The US government has led concerted attacks on both companies, accusing them of posing a national security risk and banning US firms from working with Huawei. Australia has also banned Huawei and ZTE from providing 5G equipment due to espionage fears, while the UK's National Cyber Security Centre has warned UK telecoms firms against using ZTE equipment.

ZTE said its cybersecurity lab aims to provide customers, regulators and other stakeholders with security assessment and audit services as well as supporting industry cooperation and research, facilitating in-depth research and exploration in cybersecurity.

“The security lab is an open and cooperative platform for the industry,” said Zhong Hong, Chief Security Officer at ZTE. “ZTE plans to gradually achieve its cybersecurity goals through three steps: first, meeting the requirements of cybersecurity laws, regulations and industry standards as well as certification schemes; second, conducting an open dialogue to enhance transparency and establishing cooperation with customers as well as regulatory agencies; and third, sustaining the open cooperation mechanism to contribute to cybersecurity standardization.”

ZTE has also promised to collaborate with world-class security organisations to jointly conduct security assessment, certification, training and consulting.

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