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Tech Review: Juice Extreme Power Bank


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The Juice Extreme is a “tough and portable power bank” made by Juice, producers of power banks, speakers and various other mobile accessories. At £24.99, it’s pretty reasonably priced, but does it do the job? 

The answer is... sort of. Let’s start from the beginning.

The packaging for the power bank is attractive and innovative, with a slightly unusual mechanism for opening the box. Whilst a nice idea, this mechanism, whereby you have to push down a small piece of the box on the back and slide the interior casing out of the exterior boxing, is probably more complicated than it really needs to be. It’s neat, but it also took me a few minutes to work out how to actually get to the contents.


Image Credit: Courtesy of Sellers PR

The power bank comes in blue and pink. The model I reviewed was blue, and it’s a nice colour, not too bright. The cover of the power bank is rubber, with simple geometric patterns that give it a simple, but aesthetically pleasing look.

It required a full charge upon arrival, and charging progress is handled intelligently for a device with no user interface. A set of four LEDs that shine clearly through the rubber casing indicate the various stages of charging, with four indicating fully charged. The leaflet stated that charging time was eight hours, however, I was able to charge it to full in five.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Sellers PR

Weighing only 80 grams and measuring 102 x 53 x 28.5mm, the power bank is light and compact, something that you could easily carry around in a bag. It comes with a rubber loop attached, which the website says you can either attach to your belt or your backpack. It seems too heavy to be attaching it to a belt, but I’d have no problem with the additional weight in a backpack.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Sellers PR

One of the perks of the power bank is that it can charge two devices at the same time, however, this is where it starts to fall short. I found that it was unable to charge my phone battery from 0% to 100% on one full charge, managing only to get it into the low 80s. It also took substantially longer than the mains would have - whilst this is to be expected, the disparity was still on the poor side. My phone is Android, so I decided to test it on a friend’s iPhone too. We got the same results, with the power bank charging very slowly compared to usual charging speeds.

When I plugged two devices in (my phone and a Bluetooth speaker), output was understandably much lower. The website states that “The two charging ports will provide you with power on the go for multiple devices" and "around two and a half full charges for your iPhone 6, Samsung S6 or mobile”. The phones I tested it on were not brand new, but even so, I struggle to see how the power bank would be able to make the leap from less than one charge for a one and a half-year-old phone to two and a half charges for a brand new phone.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Sellers PR

So, then, is it worth it? I would have to say that it depends on what you want to use it for. The charging ports are well sealed under a rubber covering, making it water resistant, and the casing should be impact proof up to a certain point. It’s light and easy to carry. So for the tough and portable labels, it’s two for two.

In short, if you want a power bank for situations where you may need to give your phone a short burst when out and about, it’ll do the job. However, if you want more than that, it’s probably best to look elsewhere. To buy the Juice Extreme, follow the link here.

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