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This Week in Tech: Google wants to build a city


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This week we explore Poetic AI, removing carbon dioxide, Google's proposals to build a city, and flying Taxis.

Poetic AI

A poetry-creating AI has been released this month. The system, created by OpenAI, can generate text after being given a phrase or section of writing. It has been taught with information from the internet, helping it to predict the next part of the passage, resulting in the generation of a news article, short story or a poem.

Image Credit: alvaroserrano via Unsplash

Tackling Pollution

The Navy is developing a new system to remove carbon dioxide from the air. The Advanced Carbon Dioxide Removal Unit can absorb pollutants when the temperature is approximately 20°C. The excess heat generated can then be cycled repeatedly - reducing energy consumption. It can be used in mining, submarines and highly polluted areas.

Image Credit: tomlaudiophile via Unsplash

The future of taxis

A flying taxi has been presented by Lilium, a German company. A prototype of the jet-powered five-seater vehicle flew briefly in Munich this month. The start-up aims to establish an app that would allow users to book these taxis in many cities from 2025. 

Google wants to build a city

Sidewalk Labsowned by Google's parent company Alphabet, has obtained land in Toronto, Canada to build a model city of how we will all live in the future. This model will then be used in cities all around the world. However, a group of people known as Block Sidewalk are protesting against the development.

Image Credit: @victor_g via Unsplash

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