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Mental Health Awareness Week: 5 apps designed to help improve mental health


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Mental Health Awareness Week is taking place in the UK this week, and this year's theme is body image.

In celebration of raising awareness of the mental struggles that millions of people face, here are a few mobile apps that are designed to help improve mental wellbeing.

Digital Wellbeing

If you own a Google Pixel phone, Google’s Digital Wellbeing app is an excellent addition.

Located in your settings, Digital Wellbeing tracks how many times you unlock your phone, the number of notifications you receive, and how long you spend in each app. The app enables you to set timers on other applications, helping to limit the amount of time you spend using your phone each day.

There’s also a full do-not-disturb function and a grey-scale feature which will disable the colour output of your display during the evenings, helping you to wind down into a good night of sleep. The app is available on Android.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Google Wellbeing


If you feel like you’re already aware of the habits that you’d like to instil, then Habitbull is an excellent alternative to Fabulous. This app will be especially attractive to those with an addictive personality, as it gamifies your goals by tracking your habit streaks.

The app shows your goals on a calendar, and for each day, you can tell the app whether you achieved them or not. Goals can be a simple “yes” or “no" for tasks like going to the gym, or you can set more specific goals like “run at least 5 miles each week”, and you can track the number that you ran. The app provides you with a motivational message each day to encourage you.

It would be nice to see some integration into other fitness tracking apps to automate tracking updates, but otherwise, Habitbull can prove to be a powerful tool in establishing habits. The app is available on Android and iOS.


Similar to Digital Wellbeing, Moment aims to help improve your mental wellbeing by tracking the number of times you unlock your phone in a day and how you allocate your time between apps. Providing an insight into how much you use your phone in a day is supposed to give you some pause to rethink your relationship with it.

There are a few free courses available within the app which will help you to act on how to change your use of your phone, and there are more courses available with more profound insights for a subscription fee. You can download the app for your Android and iOS.

Image Credit: Moment


For meditation, Headspace is a fan favourite that provides an extensive library of courses for helping to improve your clarity of mind.

Courses range from basic breathing exercises too little exercise activities with audio clips to help focus your mind. There are also several video clips to view which can provide insight into the ways that you think. A dedicated sleep tab offers many “sleepcasts” that are calming enough to send anyone to sleep within a matter of minutes.

Headspace features some tracking features that will allow you to view your progress the more you use the app, and you can also add friends to sync your meditative habits. The app is available on Android and iOS.


A mental health coping method that works for some people is maintaining a routine. Fabulous is a wellbeing app that specifically aims to improve your mental state by subtly adjusting your habitual behaviour.

Owners of smartwatches will be familiar with the way that Fabulous regularly reminds you to drink water and stand up every now and again, and there are a series of courses that escalate the changes to your daily routine as they progress.

Each course is tailored to you after you enter your priorities when first creating an account; priorities range from gaining a good night of sleep to developing a better focus. There is a premium subscription that enables even more tailored routines, but the free version has plenty to get started with. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Image Credit: The Fabulous

Hopefully, you find these featured apps useful. If there is any you think we've missed let us know and we will add it to the list.

Lead image: Pexels via Pixabay

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