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Facebook Messenger's New Secret Dark Mode


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Facebook Messenger has a new Dark Mode (but it's just an easter egg for the moment).

Having a Dark Mode seems to be a current trend amongst social media apps with Youtube, Reddit and Twitter already offering the feature. A new version of Android also offers a system-wide dark mode available.

Image courtesy of Facebook

For the time being, the Messenger dark mode is in its beta stage and is only available as an Easter egg, and is accessible to all Messenger users on both Android and iOS. so how to activate it?

“You’ve Found Dark Mode!”

To activate this new feature ahead of your friends, all you have to do is send someone a crescent moon emoji (a friend, yourself, your parents) and you'll get a rain of crescent moon emoji followed by a pop-up announcing crescent “You’ve Found Dark Mode!”.

Why using a Dark Mode?

It will lower the brightness of the application, while still keeping contrast and vibrancy. This means that when you are using your phone in low light conditions you will not get as much glare.

But did you know it's also got an impact on your phone battery usage? Google confirmed it last November and since, Facebook has followed the trend.

This feature will be greatly received by everyone who uses their phone at night when they probably should be asleep and people who always forget to charge their phone.

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