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Review of Setapp: The Netflix of Apps


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A common problem of app users is that each one requires its own subscription. This can result in significant monthly charges and puts many people off using them altogether. 

Setapp is looking to change this by offering over 120 apps for one fixed fee of $9.99 which the company says is less than two coffees, which means makes the apps more accessible. Setapp will also continue to add to this library as time goes on and keep the current apps up to date included in the library at no extra cost. It is currently available on any Mac computer and is currently not available on Windows. Also included with the subscription is the ability to install as many of the programs as you like on two Macs.

Image Credit:Setapp 

Installing the app

Installing Setapp was easy and quick. The application’s design is really clean and modern. The app’s design is modern and fits in with the Mac aesthetic. The app's integration with Mac’s OS means it suggests apps you can use.

Image Credit: Screenshot of Setapp by George Simister

Setapp provides apps for a wide variety of different people including creativity, developer, maintenance and finance tools. If you really needed to you could literally survive of this app and never have to install another app again.

I've been using Setapp for a few weeks now and have used many of its apps. Here are two of my favourites so far:

1) Boom 3D

The first app Boom 3D is something I thought I wouldn’t really need. Whilst I do listen to music regularly I am not what you would call an audiophile. I downloaded this app as a system-wide volume booster which makes the audio louder than what the Mac would normally allow for. I also experimented with some of the audio equaliser settings and ended up making my music sound better. Winner.

Image Credit: Screenshot of Setapp by George Simister

2) Flume

Flume is another app that I thought I would never need until it was recommended to me by Setapp. In summary, it is like having the Instagram app on your Mac and lets you do all the functions of the app. That includes posting directly to Instagram which is incredibly useful if you edit your camera photos on your laptop and struggle to transfer large files to your phone. The app is much more seamless and slick experience compared to the traditional Instagram website.

Image Credit: Screenshot of Setapp by George Simister

I would love to see a Windows version of Setapp as well to be created, as they would benefit from this too. In summary, this is a service it's a great value for money, excited to see what other apps come in the subscription. 

Find out more about Setapp from here and the pricing here They offer 50% student discount on Setapp's annual subscription, go here to sign up as a student or here if you're not a student anymore.

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