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This week in Tech: Tackling Plastic and Self-Charging Cars


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This week we explore nanotechnology that could reduce plastic waste in our oceans, and trainers that monitor athletic performance and adapt to your feet.


Philip Wang, a software engineer for Uber, developed the website The site uses AI to create new images of human faces, developed with the help of a large set of real images. Wang built on the research of chip designer Nvidia, who allowed parts of two images to be blended together to create realistic-looking images.

Image Credit: Nicolasbuenaventura via Wikipedia

Environmental technology

A group of researchers from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology have created nanocoating technology that can degrade microplastics using sunlight. In the future, this could be used in wastewater treatment plants. This would help reduce the level of plastic in the oceans and the amount of it consumed by fish.


Automotive technology 

BMW and Daimler announced that they would invest €1 billion into new driving technologies last week. These include driverless cars, pay-per-use cars and ride-hailing. Harald Krüger described the vision as a combination of these services will result in electric, self-driving vehicles that can “charge and park autonomously”.

Image Credit: Janitors via Wikipedia

The future of trainers

Last month Nike unveiled a new line of shoes, called Nike Adapt, that measure performance and can tighten themselves to fit your feet. The trainers can be adjusted via an app and need charging every fortnight. A miniature engine inside the sole pulls the laces tight.

Image Credit: maxmann via Pixabay

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