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Tech Review: Juice Wireless Charger


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Wireless chargers offer a more convenient way for you to charge your smartphone or other wireless devices, allowing you to charge by simply placing your device on to a pad. Here, Technology Editor George checks out a wireless charger offering from Juice.

The Juice Wireless Charger will fit into any setup, with its simple and minimalistic design, and comes in black, aqua, pink or white. This is something which makes the Juice Wireless Charger stand out as wireless chargers are typically white, grey or black.

Image Credit: George Simister

The LED ring around the pad lights up green in a breathing effect when your device is charging, and lights up white when the device is fully charged. I wish that the light would not remain on all the time whilst the device is charging, as when it comes to charging your phone at night in your room it's distracting and prevents you from getting to sleep.

Image Credit: George Simister

Another benefit of the charger’s circular design is that you can put your phone on it in any orientation and still receive a charge. Also if your phone has a case it should still be able to charge through it. I tested the charger with a Google Pixel 3 XL and an iPhone XR which both worked fine.

To get the Juice Wireless Charger functioning you will also need a USB wall charger. While the charger does come with a Micro USB cable, it is small so you will need to probably supply a longer one. Most people will already have one lying around or be using one to charge their phones already.

Image Credit: George Simister

Pricing for the Juice Wireless Charger is £19.99, making it only slightly more expensive than other wireless chargers on the market. Despite being a couple of pounds more it is worth it as a lot of the cheaper ones are worse in design and are from not as well known brands. If you do not plan to use the charger at night and perhaps for your desk use during the day then the Juice Wireless Charger is something that I can recommend you to buy.

You can pick up the Juice Wireless Charging Pad from Amazon or Argos.

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