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Eureka! – check out the new science podcast by three medical postgraduates


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Tune in to Eureka! for your biweekly thought-provoking podcast on the latest trends, developments, and innovations in the world of science and technology.

Katie Johnson and Fatima Sheriff, who study Biomedicine, and Kayvan Richter, who studies MSc Molecular Medicine, discuss the big questions - from whether computers can help us fight cancer to the science behind a hangover.  

Kayvan says: “Science touches every facet of life. It's ever-changing, always developing, and it's easy to get lost.

"Streaming from Sheffield, we set up this podcast to shed light on the newest scientific findings and their significance and impacts on society.”

In episode one: Alcohol, the University of Sheffield students discuss drinking culture, the effects of alcohol on the brain and body, and more.

For discussions on what exactly is ‘mental health’, and how perceptions of mental health have changed over time, listen to episode two.

Can computers spot criminals in a crowd? Is Google reading your mind? How can computers help us in the fight against cancer? These are just some of the questions covered in this weeks' episode of Eureka!

Check it out here. 

The Eureka! Podcast is released every other Monday. 

Lead image credit: Courtesy of Eureka!

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