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Peli UK Photography Hub: The ultimate power tool for student photographers


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A photographer’s education is never finished. Tech developments mean there’s always something new to discover  - and as a student photographer at the beginning of your career, the world really is your oyster.

Credit: scyther5

Photography is an incredibly versatile activity. Whether you’re interested in wildlife, landscape, sports or even something as fascinating as astrophotography, what matters overall is learning the tips and tricks to make you stand out against the rest (you don’t have to have decades of experience in order to do this!)

Being relatively new to the magic of the camera can be a challenging but exciting time, as you are discovering your talents as well as developing a niche style and area. The Peli UK Photography Hub is a real power tool for those who are studying, and can really help a budding photographer put their future into focus.

Not only does the hub include some of the biggest photography niches of all time, it takes you through, in detail, the history behind each niche and how budding photographers can develop and master their skills in them. If you're studying photojournalism, you can delve fully into this world through the hub’s photojournalism pages, just as anyone studying sports or fashion photography can, too.

You’ll find inspiration from influential photographers from all walks of the industry (war photojournalism, street photography, environmental photojournalism) with a treasure trove of information on each.

Get inspired by the Peli UK Photography Hub

Every successful student needs a role model, and it’s no surprise that so many of us have someone inspirational that we like to look up to. Influential photographers come from all corners of creativity and lines of work. Using the hub, you can find these individuals and discover more about them, their history, examples of work, and tips for success, which is superb for getting inspired and learning from the big names out there.

Head to the hub’s fashion photography page, where you can find a great interview with fashion photographer Claire Pepper. Claire is a well-known, London-based fashion photographer who has worked for brands such as Adidas and a collection by tennis brand, Wimbledon. In the hub, she talks about her discovery of fashion and how she made it from being a child with a camera to one of the biggest names in her industry.

Claire shares information on the equipment she would use on a shoot, along with tips and tricks for getting the best possible shots regardless of your environment and gear. She even gives in-depth insight about her life as a professional photographer and shares her thoughts on the worst parts of her chosen photography field!

Of course, there are many, many more interviews with notable photographers from all sorts of areas, including top sports photographer Adrian Dennis, who photographed the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games (not a bad person to have as inspiration!)

The niche inside the niche

We’ve all heard of those specialty areas within photography, and as a student, it’s likely you are drawn to some more than others. The truth is, there is always a niche within a niche, with areas you have probably never even thought of. All of this information is available through the photography hub.

For example, you might be interested in sports photography and taking photos of those split second, golden moments. Within that, there is a whole area called ‘Emotion Sports Photography’, where you can learn to take photos of joy, frustration, relief, and anger in a way that will make you stand out as a professional.

Credit: Jag_cz

Another example is drone photography. As technology advances, there has developed a modern niche that is centred around these flying machines. Aerial photographers capture some of the most magnificent views, and you can use the hub to find top notch interviews with those who now do it for a living, with a really interesting look into how drone photography came to be such a dominant area.

Are you an influential photographer of tomorrow?

Whether you are studying photography as a hobby or with the intention of taking it up professionally, the Peli photography hub is the place to start. Check it out today and get your fix of inspiration and knowledge.

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