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This week in Tech: AI portraiture and rapid internet


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This week we explore a Jack Kerouac inspired novel crafted by AI and the potential for extremely speedy internet with the advent of 5G.




A piece of artwork produced by AI has been sold for $432,500 at Christie’s Auction House. The AI was given 15,000 portraits to study to be able to produce a new portrait, of the fictional Edmond Belmay. The AI also had a function to try and determine whether the painting had been produced by a human or a computer - if it appeared to be by a human, it was suitable for sale.


Automotive technology

 Dyson logo

Image credit: Dyson

Dyson plans to manufacture electric cars in Singapore, to be released in 2021. The company currently produces electric motors in Singapore, with the help of 1,100 workers. The car is being developed in a research centre in Wiltshire, approximately 400 UK employees are working on the venture.




Image credit: Pixabay

Last week Vodafone introduced a test version of 5G for use by businesses in Salford. Vodafone have previously used 5G to enable a hologram phone call and the technology has the potential to deliver rapid internet speeds, as 5G networks can operate at more than 100 times the speed of 4G. Devices that can use 5G are expected to be released in 2019.


The future of authorship


Image credit: Pixabay

Ross Goodwin has fed AI data from a road trip across America to produce a book. Entitled 1 The Road, the novel was written with the help of a microphone, GPS and a camera to provide the input data. This is an example of AI moving into a more creative realm, as it typically specializes in data analysis to look for patterns.

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