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This week in Tech: streaming video games and robotic fingers


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In this week’s round-up we explore how AI is being used to help raise awareness of mental health. Also under the microscope is the use of GPS technology to combat illness.



Vaccination needleFunding from Britain and the World Bank into inexpensive smartphones has allowed vaccinations to be given more widely in Pakistan.

Health workers record the location of where the vaccine was administered on the phone, allowing planners to ensure that rural villages are continuously reached. These injections prevent illnesses such as diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and measles.



Google Chrome logo

Google has introduced ‘Project Stream’, which will allow people to stream games using Google Chrome.

The Information has also reported that Google may develop this further, potentially introducing a videogame streaming service that you can subscribe to.



A new robot, HARR-e, has been developed by men’s care brand Harry’s to help males vocalise their concerns or anxieties in an attempt to recognise and tackle mental health issues.

People engaging with the bot can receive advice and watch motivating videos. This follows the introduction of the Wysa AI assistant that primarily helps young women to reflect. These tools can offer instantaneous support to those who need it, but how will they be received? 


The future of smartphone interaction

Marc Teyssier has developed MobiLimb, a robotic finger that can attach to the charging port of your smartphone.

The accessory can be used to move a phone across a surface, provide haptic feedback, be used as a controller or act as a stand. The finger is powered through the phone USB port, so does not need an extra battery.

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