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This Alexa controlled microwave makes meals easy


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Amazon hosted a surprise hardware event in Seattle on the 20th and unveiled a huge range of new Alexa integrated devices. The most intriguing being the $59.99 AmazonBasics Microwave with Alexa integration. The time has finally come, you can now control a microwave with your voice, and maybe even from the sofa. 

Is it just a gimmick though? Not necessarily, if you put something in the microwave that's in its presets list (which is in the cloud) then it will automatically apply the best settings according to what it is and the weight of it. For example “Alexa microwave two ounces of popcorn” or “Alexa defrost two chicken breasts”. No doubt Amazon will continue to increase its presets in the future. 

The microwave also has built-in Dash replenishment for microwave popcorn. Which will track your popcorn consumption and when low will order more. When first setting up the microwave, you’ll be asked to pick which microwave popcorn you like best.

The design resembles your everyday microwave and is 700W. The microwave does not have a built-in speaker which means you need to have an Alexa in the kitchen. The only thing which differentiates it is an “Ask Alexa” button which prompts your nearest Alexa to start listening.

The microwave is also serving as a showpiece to manufacturers with Amazon’s Alexa connection kit which gives devices Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. Meaning in the future we may start seeing dishwashers and food processors which can be controlled by Alexa.

Amazon also showed off a new Echo dot, the speakerless Echo input, Echo sub, all new Echo plus, Amazon smart plug, Fire TV recast DVR, Echo auto, new Echo show, Ring Stick up camera, Echo wall clock, Echo Link and Link amp.

The possibility of a whole host of household appliances soon being voice controlled is an intriguing one. Could this revolutionise housework eventually? Or will it remain a handy tool for popcorn lovers? Watch this space. 

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