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Is this the next big thing in crowdsourcing?


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Spend time doing cool stuff and earning money. Sounds good? Well, that's what Crowdville are claiming their app will have you doing. Crowdsourcing is a new trend on the web and it's growing fast. What will Crowdville add? 

As a testing platform with a community of over 30.000 members, Crowdville went a step further by giving money to its contributors. 

As a content producer, your job is to find bugs and to give your feedback on the apps you're testing in order to improve upcoming releases. Crowders can earn money while lying in bed in their spare time. In this sense, this website could turn some of the time you spend on your phone into cash. 

Crowdville was first launched in Italy only but has recently been launched in the UK and in Portugal. It's been a big success and is looking to spread further across Europe, and beyond. 

Crowdville’s Global Community Director Tommaso Lucentini says "Crowdville is an inclusive community and absolutely anybody can sign up – whether you’ve got experience working with apps, you love tech, or just want to pick up some extra cash. [...] This is the first time real people like you and I get to have a say in shaping new products and what’s more? You get paid for doing it too"

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