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This pen will let you stealthily listen to the football in lectures


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Have you ever missed an important football game because you had a meeting, a lecture, or a seminar? Don't worry, it won’t ever happen again. has created a pen that enables its users to listen to football via online radio without colleagues noticing it. Simply putting the pen in your mouth and using an accompanying app is all the prep a listener needs for stealthy seminar entertainment... 

Check out the video below:

It seems strange but this kind of technology is not brand new. Guess what? Beethoven used this system to hear what he was composing after he went deaf. This is called Bone conduction and you certainly met this already in your life: bone-anchored medical hearing devices, swimmers headphones, or some handsfree mobile phones.

But how does it work? This system relies on sound propagation via skull’s bones to the inner ear.

 bone conduction

Image made by Msahid Manik

This use of one of our bodies natural technolologies, the inner ear, means that this pen offers stealthy access to entertainment. The method of delivery, through the pen rather than headphones, also means that you can listen to a seminar or lecture at the same time. 

This pen could also help people with Tinnitus to avoid the inconveniences of traditional headphones. But is it a gimmick or will it catch on? Watch this space. 

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