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AI powered robots could become Britain’s ‘fourth emergency service’ in the next five decades, experts say


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Britain just isn’t used to extreme weather events; whether it be snowstorms in the winter or heatwaves and flooding in the summer.

The emergency services (fire, police, and ambulance) become flushed and Britain’s transportation system comes to a complete halt. Most of the population are either put in immediate danger or are unable to even leave their homes. 

Countries like the United States (the East Coast specifically) and Canada deal with this extreme weather yearly and can mostly carry on with normal life. There are anomalies, of course, like the current Nor’easter causing havoc due to it being more severe than initially planned. However, our winter storms are extremely tame compared to what these countries deal with yearly.

One solution to avoid critical emergencies would be to prepare for such events, but because they don’t happen as often as needed, the government does not have the means to invest in infrastructure and equipment to prevent the country coming to a standstill. That’s where robotics and artificial intelligence come in.

Discussing future robotic intervention at the UK launch of his latest book, The Seven Heavenly Habits of Innovation, Mat Shore stated: ‘In times of crisis, the need to innovate – and think innovatively – becomes more important than ever […] Given the breath-taking advances in robotics and AI over recent years, it is not only feasible but highly likely that cyborgs with unimaginable strength and durability will become the fourth emergency services in the next five or so decades.’

The advanced, ‘autonomous humanlike droids’ will not be replacing human jobs, rather being placed in situations deemed too dangerous for human life, therefore preventing unnecessary injury or death for both the emergency services and the victims.

Multinational blue-chip companies such as Samsung, GE, Philips and Electrolux (companies that Shore has collaborated with) will be able to utilise super-human like strength in the creation of future robotics, alongside the fitting of ‘flame-retardant, human-like skin over an unbreakable, fully-submersible robotic body capable of […] performing super-human tasks with ease’.

These Terminator-like machines will prevent transportation – and human – disasters during Britain’s extreme weather conditions, and in the event of a natural or manmade disaster.

Maybe the idea of robots and artificial intelligence aren’t so bad after all.

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