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An app to help with those university stresses is here


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One of the hardest things about growing up is the inevitability that you will have to sit exams.

Now, exams are not for everyone, not everyone can excel and show their true potential when being faced by a piece of paper with some questions on something that they learnt months previously.

Do exams really test your knowledge or just test your memory?

Exam stress is becoming a serious issue amongst teens causing numerous psychological problems including the likes of serious anxiety and depressions.

An app has been created to help relieve some of the stress and pressures so that it doesn’t weigh students down as much and cause problems. Kerstyn Comley, co-founder of the new social media app entitled ‘MeeTwo’, created this app to help tackle this rising issue in education.

It allows users to anonymously post and receive support and advice about their worries away from other teens and make them feel free to discuss anything they like in the comfort of their own home – in a completely anonymous fashion.

Many schools are very keen to roll out MeeTwo to all the pupils and parents and to make sure they are all aware that this app exists if they feel their child may benefit from it.

Nicole Pattinson, a Law student at the University of Newcastle said: “I wish there would have been an app like MeeTwo when I was studying for my GCSE’s and A-Level’s, they were such a struggle to power through and keep your mind focused – an app like this would have helped get rid of some of the pressure and stress on someone so young.”

MeeTwo was created after Kerstyn Conley, who at the time was a school governor, and a co-founder Suzi Godson, who was working as an agony aunt and a psychologist, realised there was a consistent demand for something like the app they created. The app is currently being funded through grants and donations from the public and charities. As their service grows they are hoping to be able to look for corporate sponsorship.

All the posts created by the anonymous student cannot be more than 300 characters in length – they are seen by moderators who are all fully trained and have experience in counselling and/or psychotherapy, so you know there will be no risk of bullying – and you know they are speaking and dealing with professionals who can actually help.

You can download MeeTwo for Android here and for your iPhone here.

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