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Introducing the brand new waterproof Kindle Oasis


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Set to be released at the end of the month, Amazon has answered the prayers of all you bookworms out there.

Say goodbye to your waterproof cases, those damp books and those pesky electrical faults, the new Kindle Oasis has IPX8 waterproofing on its exterior, and it really is better than ever.

Whether you want to read in the bath, the swimming pool or even in the rain- you name it- Amazon’s latest Kindle can withstand being plummeted into two meters of water for up to 60 minutes.

Different to last year’s six-inch kindle, the new Oasis is now a significant seven inches, meaning page numbers will be cut down considerably, giving you the extra bonus of having over 30% more words per page.

If you ever got bored of the same fonts with the previous designs, the latest kindle allows you to choose from a variety of styles, whilst it also proudly boasts a setting which can interchange the black words and white background on the reading settings.

Whilst the Kindle is dissimilar to last year’s in several ways, the ambient light sensors that automatically adapt, dependent on your surroundings, are still intact, alongside a very similar model and design.

In saying that, the new metal black colour adds to its class, highlighting a slicker and more authentically metal vibe.

The price of the Kindle Oasis is around £40.00 cheaper than last year’s oasis. Possessing three different storage sizes, the 8 GB system is approximately £230.00, the 32 GB system is £260.00 and if you really want it, £320 can get you 32 GB as well as cellular connectivity.

You should be warned, however, that the Kindle does not have speakers, yet it does have Bluetooth connection enabling you to connect to another device.

Will you buy the latest e-reader from Amazon? Let us know in the comments below.

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