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Some genius has solved the only problem we ever have when we spot an ice cream van


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Barclaycard has created a contactless payment ice cream van that enables customers to pay for and pour their own ice cream in less than a minute.

The payment giant has converted a traditional ice cream van into one that supports “touch and go” payments, where users select the ice cream they want from a touchscreen, tapping to pay on the contactless point and then pouring the ice cream themselves.

The system splits queues at the van in two, Barclaycard says, with those wanting a simple vanilla cone joining the contactless queue, while the in-van vendor can serve others looking for ice lollies and other snacks and drinks.

Called Contactless Cones, Barclaycard has created the van to mark the upcoming 10-year anniversary of contactless payments being available in the UK, which falls in September.

Barclaycard trials contactless self serve ice cream van

As well as highlighting a new solution to the currently cash-dominated service of ice cream vans, Barclaycard said that new research, undertaken as part of its Spending Index in June this year, found that contactless spending has increased by 34% since the beginning of 2017.

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