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Five Artificial Intelligence TED talks you need to watch


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The international and political scene about Artificial Intelligence (AI) has never been so active. 

From the theoretical bickering between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg to the most recent letter from AI experts addressed to the UN about automated weapons,  AI is at the core of many discussions regarding not only tecnhology, but many other aspects of our lives.

Let's then borrow the experts' opinion to clarify the drastic changes these revolutionary advancements are bringing into our society. 

The importance of human ethics when building AI

Zeynep Tufekci, Techno-sociologist, speaks about this delicate subject, underlining how intelligent machines can fail in ways that don't fit human error patterns — and in ways we won't be prepared for.

How does Deep Learning work?

Data scientist Jeremy Howard talks about "the wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn".

How smart can our machines make us?

A controversial view by Tom Gruber, AI product designer and co-creator of Siri, shows how AI could collaborate with us instead of replacing us.

Can we keep AI under control after teaching it how to be autonomous?

The final question, and the most asked. According to Sam Harris, Neuroscientist and philosopher, the answer would be "no".

However, Garry Kasparov, chess grandmaster and analyst, has a different view on the matter.

For better or worse, AI is an irreplaceable force in our society, its relevance ever-growing. What its implications will be in the future is up for debate, but while it's up to us to embrace or refuse them, we need to be well-aware of them in order to make a decision.

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