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This locator tracks men who send unwanted dick pics


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Unsolicited dick pics are about to meet their maker thanks to Swedish web designer, Per Axbom.

This is because Axbom has launched the site ‘DickPicLocator’, dedicated a sits dedicated to tracking the location of men who send unwanted dick pics, to the relief of unamused recipients everywhere.

The site will scan data on the images to find the GPS coordinates of where each was taken and has received over 6,000 uploads since launching just over a week ago.


Axbom explained his idea on Medium, stating: "I have personally been made acutely aware of the dick pic phenomenon via the Instagram account assholesonline, run by Linnéa Claesson, which regularly showcases the very worst of male predatory behaviour online.

"There’s also this mind-skewed vomit-inducing mantra of “boys will be boys” that has a perplexing foothold in the corridors of power."

To anyone interested, here’s what you need to know before uploading;

  1. The site only works if the image is tagged with GPS coordinates, which most mobile photos are.

  2. A screenshot of the dick pic will not work - the image must be downloaded to your phone or computer before uploading.

  3. You must remember that the sender may not be the original taker of the photo, it is important not to jump to conclusions.

  4. Once you know the location, services such as Flickr Map and Google Maps will be able to help find more photos from the same location.

  5. The site will not save any photos, they are deleted once the location data is retrieved.

Axbom says: "I believe that sparking these discussions will be my proudest and most tangible outcome when in the future I sit down to evaluate this crazy idea I had in my bed on Sunday morning just three days ago, and that now has taken on a life of its own."

From victims everywhere: thank you, Axbom.

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