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Apple say adios to the Nano and Shuffle


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Apple has announced that they will be discontinuing the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Nano.

The move for the Cupertino company is said to be described as a ‘simplification’ of the iPod range, which will now leave just the Touch range available for customers to buy.

The Shuffle and Nano are the company's only two devices that didn’t have the ability to host streaming services such as Apple Music and haven’t been upgraded by Apple for years.

The Touch, which bears resemblance to the company’s flagship iPhone - just a slimmed down version without the ability to be used as an actual mobile phone - has just received an update from Apple to keep it the running model.

The Shuffle was first released back in 2005 and was an original concept from Apple as they scrapped the use of a screen, meaning users didn’t know which of the songs they had downloaded were due to play.

The Nano was released in the same year. It replaced the iPod Mini and kept the screen for users to see.

The 7th generation model released back in 2015 could store around 4,000 songs on the devices 16gb storage and provided users with a choice of six bright colours. It was also the biggest seller of the Mini family.

Both Mini and Nano are the direct descendant models of the original iPod, introduced and designed by the late Steve Jobs back in 2001.

Apple stopped making the original iPod model in 2014 claiming that they could no longer source the correct and necessary parts to build the machines.

The two discounted models could only play songs that the owner had downloaded from iTunes or play physical singles and albums, but had no streaming capabilities.

The Nanos and Shuffles have now already been removed from Apple’s online store and will soon be taken down from all stores, meaning there will be no more physical copies for customers to buy from stores.

Will you be missing them? Let us know in the comments below.

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