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New app sets out to SSSHAKE up London’s creative community.


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The SSSHAKE app, which launched this June on iOS, allows users to search for other creatives within their close vicinity, based on skills, role or industry.

“Our app works to connect creatives locally”, says founder and CEO Valentine del Giudice, from France. 

Del Giudice first came up with the idea for SSSHAKE while studying Design Management and Culture at University of Arts, London.

“I was blown away by the number of creatives and talents in London,” she says. But in the vastness of the city's creative industry, Valentine found it hard to find connections to set up collaborations.

“Most networking events are really stiff and professional,” she explains. “There was no space for creatives to actively connect; we had to do something about it.”

On a trip back to France, Valentine met her future business partner, Arthur Gueidan. Having recently lost his job as a copywriter, he was scavenging through Paris’ creative scene looking for new collaborations to engage with.

“Sharing your skills is really important, but something was missing in the digital landscape to enable that," he says. "That’s when I met Valentine.”

One year later, and the two have successfully set up a thriving community based on creative collaborating. ‘Share Some Skills’ - those are the words that make up the foundation of SSSHAKE.

Whilst there are many social groups on Facebook for creatives to seek each other out, ‘SSSHAKE’ is the first mobile app exclusively dedicated to connecting people within the creative industry.

It is free to download, and allows users to easily import their social media portfolio. “We wanted to gather a community,” says UAL student and SSSHAKE event organiser, Martino Paladimese. “We want to have an active community, not just a digital presence.”

The prospects SSSHAKE brings with it have been warmly accepted by London’s creative community.

After hosting just four creative collaboration events, the community has grown from just 40 of Valentine and Arthur’s closest friends to some 400 users. As such, the team behind SSSHAKE is constantly thinking of new ways to engage with the growing community.

On the same day it launched, SSSHAKE also hosted its first collaboration workshop. “It’s hard to follow up on collaborations,” says Valentine. “We want to run the workshops to see it happening; to meet the people of SSSHAKE.”

SSSHAKE is a fast growing community, open for everyone to engage with. The Kickstarter campaign for the app’s launch on iOS managed to collect a whopping 131% fundings.

The next step is to make the app available for Android users as well. Valentine also hopes to expand the SSSHAKE globally, engaging the community city by city; starting with her home city, Paris.

“I think, what is here in London, there is a need for this kind of energy and activity,” she says. “We want to bring that energy to Paris.”

Until then, SSSHAKE have many more events and workshops in London lying ahead.

Learn more about SSSHAKE on their website or download the app here.

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