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Millennials think robots are going to take their jobs


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Job prospects for Millennials don't look good, a new survey has found. This is because of automation and mechanisation in the workplace.

Using data from Deloitte, Savoy Steward found that 40% of Millennials see automation as a threat to their career, with 44% suggesting the demand for their skills will be slackened as a result.

While Deloitte stressed that Millennials - despite being frequently stereotyped as lazy, self-entitled job hoppers - are valued in the workplace because of the wide range of new skills they possess, including digital literacy, these skills alone are not necessarily enough to guarantee them a successful working career.

A substantial 51% of those questions also fear retraining will be essential, whereas 55% think automation will lead to a less human, impersonal workplace. 

Job loyalty seems to be a prominent issue also, with one in four Millenials saying they would consider quitting their job within the first year, rising to 44% in the first two years.

There is a cause for optimism for some, however, who believe automation is a positive chance to learn new skills and open up pathways to highly skilled opportunities. 

It isn't just Millenials who are concerned about the threat of automation, however; 46% of Generation Z are concerned about automation, with 32% worried it will impact the number of jobs available to them.

From their survey of 200 individuals in Generation Z, Savoy Stewart found that only 33% of this generation would consider remaining in their first job for over 18 months.

The survey also discovered that 69% of Millennials want a job with flexible hours, with 84% being offered a degree of flexibility with their working hours.

The issue of flexi-hours is also prominent in Generation Z, with 72% wanting a job with such a perk.

Monetary bonuses and competitive salary are more important for Millennials than Generation Z, but provisions for training are a priority for Generation Z.

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