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E3 2017: What we know so far


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E3 2017 is happening this week at the Los Angels Convention Centre. Let’s catch up on what the biggest gaming developers and manufacturers showed us in their press conferences right before the big event.


The next instalment of Battlefront has been announced for this fall, giving players a taste of the Dark Side playing as an Imperial soldier.

Bioware’s 3rd person open world sci-fi “Anthem” and an intriguing new split-screen co-op will also be coming out in 2018. The game, called "A way out", will see two inmates attempting their big Prison Break.

Others include: a new Fast and Furious-infused Need for Speed, Battlefield's “In the name of the Tsar” DLC, NBA Live 18 Fifa and Madden 18 featuring a story mode and Mahershala Ali!


Microsoft opened up its event introducing “the most powerful console ever made”.  The Xbox One X or (X.B.O.X) will be available this November at £450 with exclusives like Sea of Thieves, Forza 7, and Metro Exodus.

The console packs backwards compatibility and upgraded visuals and graphics with 4K glory. A free update will also give 4K support to existing games such as Minecraft. 


Assassin’s Creed turns 10 this year and in celebration Ubisoft is going way back to Ancient Egypt. Assassin’s Creed Origins is coming out this October for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

If you’re feeling extra festive you might get the 800$ special edition, with lots and lots of extras.

Another surprise from Ubisoft, Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle is real and it actually looks kinda fun, out this August on Nintendo Switch.


The publisher behind Fallout and Elder Scrolls announced several of their their newest additions.

They include the Nazi America Wolfenstein sequel (art truly imitates life), Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch with Zelda inspired additions, Elder Scrolls Legends add-on, Dishonoured 2 as well as VR ports of Fallout and Doom.


From brand new Arkham-influenced Spider-man to a whole slew of PSVR games, Sony announced their future line-up, which a lot of people found lacklustre in comparison to their stellar showcase last year.

Bloodborne 2 was a no-show, and the majority of games were sequels or remakes, including Call of Duty WW2 and the beautiful Shadow of Colossus remake for PS4.

There was also a Final Fantasy XV Fishing Game and “Moss” starring a mouse.

The big no-show at the Sony press conference however was defnitely The Last of Us Part II.


Hats off to Nintendo for their record high sales of both the Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Mario will finally be back in October for a sandbox style 3D adventure in the likes of Sunshine and Galaxy for what has been dubbed as Nintendo’s weirdest Mario yet.

Mario and his anthropomorphic sentient hat (Cappy), are out to save Peach from joining Bowser in holy matrimony. With the help of his hat, Mario can now possess enemies, objects, and characters around him and he also rides a vespa.

If that’s not weird enough for you we have Mario and Rabbids Kingdom battle to look forward to, as well as Rocket League, a new Yoshi and a new Kirby title and a second Zelda BOTW DLC.

Finally, Metroid Prime 4 is officially in the works after a whole decade along with a true Pokémon Switch title.

What were your biggest shocks, surprises, and disappointments from the E3 Conferences? What are you looking forward to the most?

Let us know in the comments or on social media and be sure to come back for more E3 Coverage. 

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