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A virtual reality advert won a British Arrow Award


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The British Arrows, the most famous's Advertising awards in Britain, were back in London last week for their 40th edition with a new category: Interactive Video Advertising.

There were two adverts shortlisted for the award this year.

Amnesty International, Refugee crisis awareness campaign, Outrage Is Not Enough. 

This compelling campaign focused on people's tweets. Amnesty International had refugees read the tweets, then respond to them.

This powerful campaign called on real people who were outraged by the refugee crisis, and challenged them to take action and do more than just tweet about it.

The video was made for Ogilvy & Mather by Magnum Photos, directed by Michael Christopher Brown (Kenya) and Moises Saman (Lebanon).


Rustlers, Rustlers Burgers, The Rustlers 2017, 360°, 1952 VR experience. 

This ten-minute virtual reality experience guides you past London landmarks in 1952. If you look down, you can see your feet and the cobblestones. However, everything else is just smog. The idea behind this campaign is that today's youth have things good. 

The video was Made by Droga5 and directed by Christos Mavridis.

VR has been big news the last couple of years. Consumers can now see a virtual reality version of their design when they go to buy a kitchen or bathroom in some stores or showrooms.

VR headsets have also been seen in music videos, such as in the 2014 hit 'I Got U' by English DJ, Duke Dumont.

This technology is now available at a fairly cheap price. As such, it has become accessible to the masses.

It is fantastic to see a VR entry in this year's British Arrows. In the competitive advertising industry, brands are always trying to think of creative new ways to advertise.

Virtual reality is a fantastic way to do this, as it brings a whole experience to consumers that they can interact with. 

Whilst it may not be obvious to many exactly what the message in the Rustler's advert is supposed to be, it actually won the Interactive Video Advertising category.

If you were wondering what the message is, it's that today's youth have life better than people did in 1952, because London isn't as smoggy and we have Rustler's burgers.

There are sure to be many other advertisers taking advantage of virtual reality technology and it will be exciting to watch what direction various brands and organisations will go with it.

Interactive Video Advertising is likely to grow and have more campaigns shortlisted in the British Arrows 2018.

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