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2017 is the year of Artificial Intelligence


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It has been estimated that the UK economy could have a boost of £654billion by 2035, should we choose to embrace artificial intelligence.

As such, 30% of existing UK jobs could be automated over the next 15 years. 

This could lead to a huge social shift in the workplace, and while jobs will be lost, new ones will be created and productivity will be boosted.

This will likely also influence students and their subject choices, as well as courses and modules offered by universities.

Opinions of artificial intelligence have interviewed consumers to find out their opinions of this:

- 61% felt that daily processes in the workplace would be streamlined. 
- 46% believe that dangerous roles will be completely taken over by artificial intelligence
- 38% believe it will increase opportunties
- 24% feel that artificial intelligence will make processes faster and increase revenue
- 21% think that artificial intelligence will not have a negative effect on current job roles

2017: The catalyst year

It is been reported by Inc Magazine that 2017 is the "year of artificial intelligence". It is thought that this is the catalyst year that will really instigate the shift. Greg Clark, business secretary, has announced that robotics and artificial intelligence will receive £93 million. This is part of the government's £1billion industrial strategy fund, which was created in the 2015 spending review. By investing in areas which will draw innovative companies to specific sectors in the UK, it aims to boost production and build a "modern, dynamic and global trading nation". 

Effects on UK industries

So, which UK industries will benefit the most from artificial intelligence?

UK Industry Artificial Intelligence

As can be seen from the graph above, the top three business sectors most likely to really see the benefits are engineering (45%), administration (40%) and customer service (31%). These are all businesses that are heavy in administration, so would definitely benefit from automation and see an increase in productivity. 

Closing thoughts

A report by said the following:

Britain has a distinct competititve advantage in A.I. Housing some of the world's most innovative artificial intelligence companies, and a rich ecosystem of investors, employers, developers and clients, the UK is a fast-growing area for research and commercial investment by major global digital companies.

Interestingly, in a report conducted by, 38% of respondents admitted that they think the use of artificial intelligence may hold value in the workplace, despite feeling distrustful of it.

Whatever your opinions of artificial intelligence, it looks like it is set to make monumental changes to studies and the workplace over the decades to come. 

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