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Four revision apps to save your summer exam session


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Exams are upon us again and strong is the need to find ways of dealing with the year’s final trials.

From old-school notes to huge and colorful A3 mind maps (I had a first year colleague who did them quite nicely), the struggle is real as ever.   

Luckily, technology is our friend.

These useful apps will help you overcome the confusion and organise your study material and exam schedule. We have tested them on a Vodafone Tab Prime 7. 

Evernote | Android, iOS, Free


A name that needs no introduction, Evernote has been the most famous note-taking app of the last few years. Starting with the basics, it allows you to sketch down notes, to-do lists, audio, images, and more.

Some of its most interesting features include in-app image annotation, OCR support for scanning paper or whiteboards, email integration, easy notes sharing, a web clipper, and several organisation tools.

Evernote also has a sync feature that, after creating an account, allows you to view and edit your notes on multiple devices - two in the free version, more if you choose a premium plan. 

iStudiez Pro | Android, £2.59, iOS, £2.99


When it comes to schedule organisation, iStudiez Pro is at the top of the list. This app is great  to track your courses, professors, assignments, and grades.

You can also assign colours and icons to each individual class to make your calendar easy and quick to read.

With a very intuitive layout, it works better on big screens, while it might be a bit cumbersome to use on your iPhone.

Once you go through the initial setup, everything is laid out for the whole semester. Any changes you make only take a couple of taps, so the app stays out of your way, but keeps you on point to complete assignments and get to classes on time.

Quizlet | Android, iOS, Free


The ultimate revising app when preparing for a test, Quizlet allows you to create flashcards on several different  topics, or choose from the millions designed by other Quizlet students. Particularly useful for standardised tests, the app has different revising modes and interesting features.

 “Learn” mode, to put your memory to the test, “Match” to challenge other students , “Share study set” with classmates (as a Student) or your students (as a Teacher), “Listen” to realistic pronunciations of words in 18 different languages and “Enrich” your learning process with images and audio. All in all, a very interesting app to enhance your general knowledge and prepare for tests and exams.

Simplemind I Android, iOS, Free


Coming in both mobile and desktop versions, Simplemind lives up to its name. It is a basic but powerful tool designed to create mind maps. You can start editing your map on the go and modify it later on your pc.

The controls are simple: to create a new node, just select an existing one and double-click anywhere besides it. To collapse or edit a node, select it and use the quick-action buttons that pop up around it. The buttons are tiny but well laid out, so they're not confusing to use.

A bit of a buzzkiller, although the app on Android and iOS is free, you’ll have to pay around 20 quid for the desktop version. Still, it’s without doubt the best mind-map app on mobile.

What of these apps are you already using and which ones would you add to the list?

You can find links to the apps down below and one to the Vodafone Tab Prime 7 here.

Evernote: Android, iOS

iStudiez Pro: Android, iOS

Quizlet: Android, iOS

Simplemind: Android, iOS

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