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Dutch students develop first full-body gaming VR experience


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Students from Saxion University, Netherlands, have created the world’s first full-body gaming VR experience.

The Project's Logo

Going under the name of 'Project Myron', it was officially presented at the FMX 2017 conference in Stuttgart, Germany earlier this month.

The game is a VR eight-player shooter, where two teams of four can see and interact with each other with total character movement control  and using body language to communicate, pursue and hunt down the enemy team.

In-game Screenshot

Created in only five months in collaboration with prominent VR technology leaders, Project Myron features some of the most advanced VR technologies in the field.

With Xsens' MVN mocap suits, Manus VR mocap gloves, XMG backpack PCs and support from The Virtual Dutch Men, known to be a company working on bridging the gap between reality and virtual worlds, Project Myron have all the grounds to prove a great VR and gaming experience.

Project Myron

However, in a world where the race to the best VR reality experience is fast-paced and continuously evolving, will Project Myron stand-out? Or will it be surpassed by the competition?

As virtual reality technologies move to other fields of human knowledge - from helping students with speech disorders to walking down the International Space Station -  gaming remains at the centre of the VR race.

Project Myron is due on completion in July 2017. You can follow the development team on Facebook and Twitter and watch a teaser trailer here.

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