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20 essential apps to help you save money


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Saving money at university can be hard. With countless temptations (I’m looking at you Pizza Hut!), long days in lectures and days that feel ten hours long rather than 24, our money can sometimes go a lot less further than we expected.

With this week being National Student Money Week, here are 20 phone apps that might help restore your bank balance, along with a couple of favourites that all students need to download.

1. Coople

If money is running low and time is tight, Coople can help you find a flexible, part time job anywhere in the country, whether than be in an office or on a festival campsite. The app also looks at your skill set and personal preferences, so you’re not faced with a veterinary role when you know you hate animals.  

2. Medium

Medium is both an online website and an app that features articles and short essays posted in from the Medium community. With article titles like ‘Behind the scam: What does it take to be a best selling author?’ and ‘Career Tips for Anti-Socials’, there’s something for everyone here. Another nifty feature is the ability to see how long the essay is before clicking on it, so for those of you in a rush and only wanting a five minute read, it’s easy to see what’s not for you.

3. Taskrabbit

Have a load of housework to do and can't be bothered to do it? Taskrabbit allows you to outsource tasks to other local people in exchange for a fee. The best thing? You can also become a tasker, and reap in the rewards for simply doing basic tasks for other people. This is simple and quick money, and you could be cleaning or helping somebody move house for a matter of days before settling back into that essay deadline you know you've been putting off.

4. Etsy

Etsy, the online marketplace app and the place everybody goes for quick and easy unique gifts, has over one million sellers - and you could be one of them. If you're looking to make some extra cash, making creative products - from blog templates to notepads - may be the way forward. It’s also a great place for last minute gifts for that friend who’s horrible to buy for, as anything goes on Etsy - even die hard Hamilton fans are covered, as I found out last week (it was a Schuyler sisters notepad fyi.)

5. EasyBib

Choose a referencing style, and EasyBib will reference that journal for you. No more 8am scrambling before the 9am deadline for that article you read four months ago with no date and no author. Simply put the link into the app and let technology do the rest.

6. Readability

Readability is a reading list app that allows you to save both basic web pages alongside journals to read when you have no signal. Perfect for those commutes home where you have two hours to kill, Readability allows you to also favourite your most important links for easy access.

7. VizEat

VizEat is Airbnb for foodies - simply set up a food based experience for others and see the cash roll in. Whether it’s a dinner party, a food tour around the local markets you know the tourists just need to see, or a simple baking class, VizEat allows you to earn a bit of extra cash by showing people from around the world how to get the best food experience in your town.

8. Vinted

You’ve probably seen Vinted being advertised all over Twitter as the place to be for cheap and cheerful clothes. It’s a bit like eBay for fashionistas, focusing on pre-loved and vintage clothes and accessories, meaning that dress hidden in the back of your wardrobe could be four drinks in Revs with a matter of clicks.

9. Camscanner

This nifty app helps you save photos of textbooks so that they are easy to read on the go. Instead of queuing for the uni scanner in the library, simply take a picture of the text in your book and the app will filter and crop it so it is legible and perfect to read, no matter the environment.

10. Mint

A budgeting app like no other, Mint allows you to check your credit score, create a budget and track your spending with some neat pie charts to boot. Maybe you’ll think twice about buying that fourth Pizza Hut meal of the week if you can see how much you’re really spending on meals out and takeaways.

11. Debut

Debut is a careers based app that allows your skills set to be matched to those which employers are looking for. Perfect if you’re looking for a summer internship or a placement year, the app matches you with companies and offers ‘talent spots’ to those who the organisations believe would be a good fit - usually meaning you skip a section of the application process, which is always good news!

12. Qmee

Qmee is a search engine with a difference - simply click on the few extra links that pop up, and get paid. Simple as that. It might not be much, but replace Google for Qmee for a few months and you’ll have enough for a few new outfits. Not bad for doing barely any work.

13. Alarmy

Alarmy offers an alarm clock with a difference: you actually have to get out of bed to stop the alarm. The app forces you to take a picture of a particular object before setting the alarm, and you have to snap the same object again before the alarm will turn off. Choose an object in the kitchen and you’ll be eating breakfast rather than snoozing in no time.

14. Quizlet

Quizlet lets you do quizzes and tests based on your course and lecture material. A little like QuizUp, but for maths problems rather than Mean Girls, it’s a simple addition to your revision materials that you can complete anywhere.

15. Foap

Fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer? Pop your photos onto the Foap app and if they’re good enough to be used as stock photos, you’ll be paid by marketers.

16. Field Agent

The app Field Agent gives you tasks to complete while going through daily life, and you can be paid an average of £2-£10 for doing simple tasks such as taking photos of prices in the supermarket. This is so business rivals can keep up to date with their competition, and you can be paid for the privilege!

17. Forest

Forest allows you to plant a tree and watch it grow for the time you spend studying rather than socialising on your phone. A lovely idea to encourage you to work, the time you spend studying converts to points which can be put towards buying more tree varieties for the app or planting a real one in locations that need it desperately. Both environmentally friendly and degree friendly, this app is perfect for students.

18. Google Drive

The holy grail of web based storage, Google Drive allows you to save documents and images in the cloud to be used anywhere in the world with a click of a button. Perfect for those days where your bag is too heavy and carrying your laptop around is out of the question, as you can view any of the documents on your phone via the app.

19. iPoll

A questionnaire app, iPoll will pay you for doing quizzes and surveys about products you use.

20. Maximiles

If watching Youtube all day is your thing, you can earn money from watching videos direct from the Maximiles site and rating them. Simply give a rating, earn points and those points can be turned into prizes such as gift cards. Maybe that pair of Topshop jeans doesn’t seem so expensive anymore.

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