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There's a new messaging app and celebrities are doing some really bizarre things on it

11th May 2016
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Celebs are Yublin’ all over the place, and it’s not even a euphemism.

Look at these two, for instance.


Now, you might be asking who they are.  Here’s another clue.




Yes, you’ve got it! It’s the quirky, arty one (Rosie Fortescue) and the nice, musical one (Andy Jordan) from not-quite-100%-made-up E4 phenomenon Made in Chelsea.

The lovely Andy Jordan and Rosie Fortescue are both prolific Yublers! And when the cameras aren’t rolling they’re obviously... well, they’re directing the cameras at themselves instead. Obviously.

These celebs, eh?

Andy MiC has branched out since his days chasing Louise around like a musically talented little puppy, though. He’s a man now, and he can BBQ. We know this because of Yubl.

Yum x 11? We concur. Here are a couple more...


Yes please. We knew Andy was our favourite MiC-er.

Erm, steady on though Andy. We’re not quite there yet.

So, what’s Rosie Fortescue been doing whilst Andy has been hanging around on roofs, looking at surf boards, BBQ-ing everything in sight and propositioning strangers through Yubl?

The answer is that she’s been... well, she’s been quite colourful.

She’s also continued to be enigmatically arty.

Vibes indeed.

She has also been getting down to the world’s most relatable questions:

And then there’s this:

What’s happening here? We’re not sure, in all honesty. Dressing up like a dog, because she’s walking her dog, seems to be the aim. Vibes.

This looks fun:

As does this:

Anyone else on Yubl that we should take note of?

Well, of course there is! We wouldn’t have brought you here if not.

This, for example, is well known Youtube person Jake Boys:


Jake Boys describes himself in his Twitter biography as such:

“I film every single day of my life and post it online... Its (sic) the best thing ever!”

It's no different here. In fact, on Yubl, he gets up to all kind of mischief. Like...

Dressing as a sad playboy bunny:


Hanging around in a giant egg with his BBF:


Being crap at volleyball:


And finally, pretending to be a dog:


Honestly, what is it with these internet celebs pretending to be dogs today? Did we miss that memo, or...?

Our favourite Yubler (Yubler? Yublr?) though might just be this one:


Yes, it’s doors. Really good doors. Door Porn, if you will (we will.)


Honestly, get on Yubl and see for yourself. Door Porn is KILLING IT.  Even more than Rosie Fortescue in filtered shades looking artfully to the side whilst Andy Jordan stokes up the BBQ, and that is saying something.

That’s all from us. We’ll leave you with the info you need below. Use it well.

Yubl has reached no.4 in the App Store's social networking charts. A combination of private and group chats, a public feed, an opportunity to explore new content, stickers and revolutionary functions like voting buttons mean it houses all your essential social media functions in one app. It’s available on Google Play and in the App Store now.

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