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New nightlife app aimed at Leeds students to launch at Tiger Tiger this Tuesday


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-          69% of single students have kissed and one third have slept with someone they’ve met on a night out

         But 52% have gone home disappointed after failing to talk to someone they’d had their eye on

-          Research suggests students need help to connect with those they meet in bars and clubs

-          Findings come from UK-wide survey of undergraduates by The National Student and Checkr, the brand new bar and nightclub app for singles

A new bar and nightclub app for singles is about to revolutionise the night out experience for students in Leeds.

Checkr, which is available to download now and will launch with a massive party at Tiger Tiger on 10th March, aims to give single students in Leeds a chance to reconnect with those they’ve met on nights out.

Research carried out by Checkr and The National Student found that 52% of students regularly leave nights out disappointed after failing to connect with someone they’ve had their eye on.

46% have also gone home disappointed because they did have an interaction – but didn’t see the person again that night.

The same number wished they’d had a chance to swap numbers after meeting someone they found attractive on a night out.

Clearly, students need to stop missing out and start maximising the potential of their nights out. After all, you only live once.

That’s where Checkr comes in.

Free to download now in the App Store and from Google Play, Checkr automatically checks you in to whichever bar or club you’re in, and the next day allows you to see and chat to the other people that were there too.

The app never reveals its users’ live locations, and only allows connections to be made the next day – meaning students can be sure that the app is safe and their privacy isn’t at risk.

Checkr is designed to stop single people missing out on reconnecting once their night out is over, and with Leeds being home to over 60,000 students we thought it would be the perfect place to launch an app aimed at the young, single and sociable.

After the launch party at Tiger Tiger on 10th March, Checkr will be rolled out nationwide so that students everywhere can start getting the most out of their nights out.

Checkr is available to download on the App Store and from Google Play now.


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