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Four months with the iPhone 6 Plus


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I have now been using my iPhone 6 Plus for four months, and when I say using it I mean practically my entire digital, communication and writing life is on it. I do everything from writing and uploading blogposts to paying for my coffee in Starbucks with it.

So how has it been for me, I hear you ask?

Firstly I will explain a little about my technology habits. If you follow my blog, you will be aware that I am a bit of a technophile. I love anything to do do with tech and can't get enough of it, and this love affair is mainly thanks to Apple. I give far to much money to Apple, but all the time they are producing what they do, I will be happy to contribute to their multi £billion profits.

I have owned iPhones from the very beginning, however when I got to the iPhone 4s I was growing a little tired of the minuscule screen size and I did a foolish thing - I bought a Samsung! I was intrigued to see what all the Android fans were going on about. I wanted a bigger screen, upgradable storage, a replaceable battery.

After six months of enduring the Samsung, Apple came to my rescue and released a bigger screen iPhone, and so I went back, with my tail between my legs.

I went for the 5.5 inch 6 plus, over the 4.7 inch 6, for two reasons:

firstly, having owned the Galaxy s4 it wasn't a huge jump up; I knew what I was getting myself in for. I'm pretty sure everyone who has gone from the 5/5s to the 6 saying that the 6 Plus was ‘too big’ will go for the bigger screen next time around. It is just a case of getting used to the size and then you will want more! I would like to see an iPhone 6 plus-plus, but I'm sure that won't happen.

Secondly, the superior battery life. I had suffered long enough with the Samsung battery: despite it being replaceable, it still needed swapping out every few hours, and how many spares can you carry? I ask you.

The first impressions when I opened the box, the same as it is with all Apple products, was sheer excitement and wonder. The product over-confidently jumps out at you when you lift the lid; to me looking at it now it still looks wonderful, fresh, refined and I have not tired of its beauty at all.

As I said at the beginning, I use this phone for everything and it can handle anything I throw at it.

As a student I use it to type up assignments using the wonderful Word app. Apart from it not having an equation editor in it, the app works beautifully with the large screen.

I make complicated calculations using the Wolfram Alpha app and the phone handles it with no problem. I take photos of written work and beam them to my desktop iMac via airdrop.

As Apple cheesely put it ‘it just works’ and I have to agree.

As I ditched the iPhone after 4s, this is my first experience of Touch ID. It works so well I sometimes wonder if it's even switched on! Did it just read my fingerprint? Or just unlock randomly?

I honestly have pity when I watch an s5 owner rubbing their finger across the bottom of their display, before manually typing in their password! This is all still amazing, in the absence of Apple pay a feature that us Brits are yet to experience. But I'm sure when we do it will change my shopping habits!

With all this activity my battery still lasts until the end of the day without much trouble - something I have never experienced with any smartphone before this!

Theoretically there are other smartphones on the market that can perform these tasks. Just as there are Ford Escorts that can be tuned up to reach high speeds.

But you would rather drive a Rolls Royce, and the iPhone 6 plus is the Rolls of the smartphone world.

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