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Our Technology Dependence: Is It Going Too Far?

16th July 2014

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As a society we are ever more increasing our dependence upon technology, investing millions a year on the best gadgets. But surely with a bit of thought we could save ourselves hundreds just by working with everything we have already got.

As well as living in a time of economic troubles, when money is short and jobs fewer, we are living in an age where technology is rapidly expanding. And it is expanding into our everyday lives. As a nation, we spend millions per year on upgrding our existing technologies. A new TV here, the latest iPad there. We even have phone deals which allow us to uprade ur phone every year. Ir would seem then we are addicted to updating our electrical gadgets. With increasing computer literacy, and more reliance on technology in the work place, it is hard to see where this will ever end. 

It wasn't until yesterday, when I was sat with my friends having a drink and chatting away when I realised. Actually, our dependence on technology is so great, we fail to see the simple options in front of us. I am the user of one of the latest digital magnifiers, which without being being econimically crude, cost several hundreds of pounds. Returning to the moment of revelation, on the next door table was a young blind man trying to read a menu. He refused help though obviously stuggling. It was not until moments later it hit me - he was using his camera phone to read the menu. 

This amazed me. How so many people with sight impairments did not think of something so simple which would have saveed their bank accounts hundreds. 

This then made me question - are we spending too much on technology which in fact, we don't need? Could we fail to update our computer with a newer, smaller version this year and still be able to function? Could we settle for a 25" screen on a television, rather than a 30"? In an age where our concerns involve both money and the environment, this would be the logical step. So why don't so many of us choose to take it?

That is why I write this. Hoping students will see, and that we, as a group can start the revolution. I challange you to not buy the latest iPad or iMac for the start of the university year. Instead to use your current working technology, to improvise and increase your own ability to think outside the box. To find a novel user for the techhnology you believe you have completely mastered. To invent an approach to technology which innovates, and which can help both you, your peers and classmates and even those you see on the street. 

Then hopefully, together we can beat our over dependence on technology. For where are the days when men could write?

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