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Sick of getting caught short at festivals? New app allows you to find your nearest loo


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Holding it in until you get home may soon become completely unnecessary - an app allows travellers to find the nearest available loo has appeared.

Founders Max Haudin and Travis Laurendine came up with the idea for Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans, where they often found themselves experiencing the pain "of having nowhere to legally urinate.”

Like many festival-goers they had no choice by to “rogue pee” in the street, despite knowing that anyone who was caught would face the weekend in prison.

To solve this they developed the AirPnp app, which allows users to rent their toilet to the public for a small fee. The app then takes care of “lavatory logistics” by alerting users to the nearest available bathrooms.

The app was trialled at this years’ Mardi Gras, however it has already begun to go viral with over 200 loos currently registered to the site across 19 countries. The majority are based in Belgium but there are two currently based in the UK: one in London advertising a “ground floor toilet with shower” which is “very spacious” and the other in Cornwall sporting a “luxurious loo” which has a £1 user fee.

However before anyone can sign up their bathroom, they must first detail the cleanliness of the space and the thickness of the toilet paper they have to offer.

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