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Happy Birthday Facebook! 25 ridiculous yet life-affirming pages you probably liked

4th February 2014

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Facebook: 1.3 billion users across the planet, 945 million logging in daily (and that’s only on their phones), 350 million photos uploaded by these users every single day... and £1.26 billion in profit in the last quarter of 2013 alone.

Users in China, despite the site being blocked? 87 million (allegedly). Hours spent assisting your time wasting through cleverly timed cat videos and Buzzfeed lists when you really, really should be using your time in the library more productively? Unlimited. Years? 10, today.

The numbers are mind-bending, especially when we consider that Facebook is only today reaching double figures. Hats off, Mark Zuckerberg. You’re doing ok.

So, it’s time to remember: the awkward moments, the LOL JKs, the bitch pleases, the memes, the absolute grammatical failure, the things that we hated for no reason (“I hate battery low” – maybe just charge your phone?), the relentless passive aggression... and everything else that was so, so, relatable back when Facebook was celebrating its half decade in 2009 but just seems incongruous now.

To celebrate Facebook’s 10th birthday, here are 25 pages you probably liked back in the day. They’re uniformly ridiculous. Our favourite is the one with the sad, creepy, recently dumped doll child (remember her? She used to mean everything to you!). Enjoy!

























































































































































































































































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